Kore Kurogane


The mysterious and ever elusive apprentice of the renounded Hao Yuan. His desire to one day return to the stars outweigh his greivances with the people who wronged her. After all, they are his only chance of reuniting with his mother.

Age: 17 years
Birthdate: November 23, 2084
Birthplace: Arizona, US
Likes: The desert, animals, sweets
Dislikes: Scorpions, doctors, carrots

Nora Greco


The Elpis’ reclusive genius. A curious young soul with a terrible case of tunnel vision and apparent irritability towards subjects beyond her specialties. She snuck into the Galaxy Garrison Academy in the aftermath of attempted treason against the garrison and being promptly banned from every facility.

Age: 15 years
Birthdate: January 7, 2088
Birthplace: Northern US
Likes: Tgolden hour, cats
Dislikes:the smell of grass, stupid people, pollen

Keisara Kurogane


Quiet, polite, violent yet efficient. Keisara Kurogane inherited her mother’s duty of protecting earth from the Empire when she left 11 years prior with only the desert sky and the sand beneath her feet for company. She's developed a strange sense of morals in the absence of anyone to guide her. In comparison to her brother, she’s almost subdued in nature.

Age: 17 years
Birthdate: November 23, 2084
Birthplace: Arizona, US
Likes: raw meat, coyotes, her brother
Dislikes: bright lights, parsnip

Amador Serranco-Martinez


The enigmatic gunman of the Elpis. He prefers to keep others at arms length.

Age: 16 years
Birthdate: May 10, 2085
Birthplace: Florida, US
Likes: Greek tragedies, peppers, dance
Dislikes: the swedish language, plain food

Damian Vaai

he/him voted "most likely to seek therapy in 10 years"

Charismatic, kind, and an excellent diplomat. His instinctive drive to protect his loved ones tends to overpower his more anxious tendencies. The mechanic of the group, he regularly assists Hys-uun with castle repairs alongside Nora.

Age: 16 years
Birthdate: September 2, 2085
Birthplace: Bacoor, the Phillipines
Likes: scrapbooking, high fantasy, sweets
Dislikes:blood, raw meat, carpentry

Alhena Iruvati


Calm, collected and elegant like any princess should be, Alhena was raised from a young age to become high priestess of Yonana. After being awakened from her five millennia long slumber, she took up arms as captain and commander of the Elpis. On some level she knows that she will always be alone.

Age: 75 vargas
Birthdate: unknown
Birthplace: Royal city of Yonana, Yonana
Likes: jewelery, painting
Dislikes:sleeping, carpentry



An Iveilan refugee and the true owner of the Elpis. They have lived alone for a very long time. Br'er is their mysterious hare companion.

Age: 38 vargas
Birthdate: incomprehensible
Likes: Ivelie, open air, insects
Dislikes:enclosed spaces, stellar radiation